It’s a deal!

It's a deal!The famous machine called “All  in  1″, has been somewhat modernized and several international companies have been keen to acquire it!
But to know whether it works or not, a test is needed!

The  boss:”Good to know that Matt and  his  adorable  white  rear  end, is always willing to help for the good of this company!Do you liked this wonderful demonstration,mr.Thomas?You will sign the contract for the purchase of my diaper change machines?It’s  a  deal?”

Mr.Thomas:”That’s  for  sure!It’s  a  deal!”

The boss whispered to Matt:”Don’t worry my  big  boy, you’ll be greatly rewarded when we get home!”

Matt nodded!

The  boss:”That’s  my  boy!”

The  assistant was staring  at Matt’s  bare rear  end and said:
“Mmmm,mmmm!Cute round bare  bottom,Mr.Matt!”

Matt thought to himself:”Everything I  do is to please my boss!But  this  is  a  little  too  much  embarrasing!And I don’t like the way that assistant is watching my bare  bottom!Oh  well…the  shame…the  shame!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww you have nothing to worry about Matt you need to have a bare bottom now for the machine so it can put the diaper on right. And bay the way if you going to wear a diaper you dont need to have any underwear. The diaper is you nice and cozy underwear now when the All  in  one machine is finish whit you.

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