My New Life in Diapers Book 1 to 3

Pete and Stephanie begin a journey into serious dominance / submission games when Stacy brings home a book on female domination. Pete unconsciously chooses the adult baby theme and his life will never be the same again! Contains intense scenes of female domination, adult baby themes, adult forced diapering, and strong humiliation themes.

It has been 2 months since Pete has been playing adult baby and diaper games with his mistress, mommy, and wife Stephanie. Stephanie takes his humiliation to the next level with a birthday surprise involving four dominant women. Join the fun with Baby Petey as he opens shocking presents, gets the spanking of his life, and gets many diaper changes, all while being totally humiliated at the hands of these dominant women. Second in the My New Life in Diapers series. Book 1 is also available now on kindle as well as other fetish stories by Madeline de Hywis. Stay tuned for more to come!

Story contains:
Intense Femdom and Humiliation scenes
Adult Baby and Diaper Fetish (no minors involved, purely fantasy adult play)
Sexual situations
Spanking, light bondage

Petey spirals down further into adult babyhood at the dominating hand of his mommy wife Stephanie. Waking up in a crib on a Saturday morning, trying to fight his natural urges to just go in his diapers, he tries to be a man and overcome his sissy baby urges. Can he do it? Stephanie has a plan though, and takes him to his first doctor’s visit, the devious Dr. Lainie, who has devised a new procedure to decondition subjects of various important functions, in Petey’s case, his continence! Can Petey hold onto his “manhood” or will he fall deeper into the devilishly fun humiliations that the various women in his life have planned for him? Includes a very fun ending with Petey having to decide for himself whether he wants to be a man or an ‘adult’ baby.

An Adult Baby / Diaper Fetish story with strong themes of humiliation and female domination. All members of this fictional story are over 18. Adult baby play does not involve real children but consenting adults interested in fetish play.

Contains intense scenes of :
Humiliation and Teasing
Female Domination of male subject
Adult baby / Diaper Fetish
Forced use of diapers
Medical fantasies / Evil Doctor and Nurse
Some anal play (thermometer and anal probing)

This three book is Not recommended for those who only like fluffy, cute ABDL stories without humiliation and female domination. It some scary but bondage reading.


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