Grandpa’s secret dungeon!

Grandpa's secret dungeon!Grandpa Richard wanted a full day of stillness and peace … but suddenly came to his home, Matt, the boss, Remi and Sammy!

As  always, the pups began to argue!Meanwhile, the  boss and Matt were arguing over from whom of them  would do the dinner!

Grandpa Richard  didn’t take it anymore and shouted:

It’s true! As was heard!Grandpa Richard has a special secret dungeon  for those who misbehaves at his home!And each of them will receive their deserved punishment!

But before he  started,grandpa  Richard  pick up his phone and said:”Hello! Is this the “barking pizzeria”?I would like to order a pepperoni pizza and a soda…many  thanx!Ok,boys…spanking  time!”

The  boss thought among his misfortune:”I would have preferred to stay on my bed today!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


I think that Grandpa Richard is going to do a massive spanking here now in his secret dungeon and they look kind of worry. I can understand that i think i should look the same if i was trap in a dungeon like this and know that i going to be bondage and receive allot of spanking that i dont can avoid.

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