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Assurance Boxers incontinence Product Review

A review of the Assurance Boxers Incontinence product. I consider this to be a fair review giving credit where credit is due.

Text and video created by: Baby Mitchy

You find his website here: http://www.babymitchy.com/

He have some weary good point that it dont seems to be that discrete when you need to tack you pants on. But something that is discrete when its comes to Pull Ups that the people around you dont going to hear any sound that can comes from the tape if you should change that type of diaper. But if it is allot of people inside the public bathroom area no one should note that kind of sound aether from all the other sound that they are going to hear in that kind of place.

What do you prefer to wear when you wont to where something discrete? Maybe at work or some public place?

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