Diaper adjustment

Diaper adjustment

Text from Pichuboy: “Almost….got……it….o…..n”. Time to cut down on sweets just a bit.

Text from pichu90: pichuboy, he’s having a hard time adjusting his diaper. He will have to go up a size now :x

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12711319/

Yes it look like pichuboy need to have a bigger size on his diaper now. It going to be to hard for him to get the diaper he is working on now to fit and it look to be a weary difficult task to. I only hope that he have some bigger size on the diaper home that he could put on instead of this small diaper that he is working whit now. That should be the best thing for him right now.

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