Deal with Adult Diaper Rash

I would like to tips my readers about this blog post about how you can deal with adult diaper rash from adriansurley. That gives you allot of tips and information how diaper rash for adult can appear and the most imported thing how you best can avoid to get it. If you still develop diaper rash the post also cover how you best can treat it.

The best way is always to use good cream, frequent changes and the most imported thing is to air out the diaper area some time.

If you have trouble whit diaper rash or wont to know how you best can avoid it. Then i really recommend that you should read the blog post from adriansurley about this subject.

It is not only babys/toddlers that can have diaper rashDeal with Adult Diaper Rash even adult can develop it if they wear allot of diapers.

2 thoughts on “Deal with Adult Diaper Rash

  1. D’oh! Diaper rash is never fun. It hurts when allowed to fester. So far, I’ve never had that problem. I usually change out of my wet or messy diaper as soon as I can. I take warm baths once or twice a week. I clean the diaper area as best as I can, as soon as I can.

  2. I have had to be shaved in my my diaper area and m legs since early teens as wet the bed and now at 22 still do so am diapered all night and find that with out the hair that In the morning when I take off my diapers and plastic panties and shower that I feel cleaner and that plus some powder and baby lotion seem to keep me from getting diaper rash

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