Sparks pichu in shoes

Sparks pichu in shoesSparks trying footwear for the first time, landonbay suggested it would be cute with the diaper too. It’s an adorable combination indeed :3

There is a non-diaper version too if you’re interested – with his cute butt showing ^-^

Sparks: pichu90

Draw by: pichu90

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Aww this is so super cute and i agree whit landonbay that this footwear fit weary good whit the diaper he is wearing. And it make it even more cuter when he is blushing about this to. It only make him even more cute and the only thing you wont to do is to hug him and say that it is nothing to worry about. It is so normal for a little baby Sparks to be this cute. Do you not agree?

Sparks in shoes 2The diaperless version X3

Note how the shoes let his ‘other’ features stand out XD

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Aww what a cute butt Sparks have. But i think the diaper butt is match cuter.

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