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Bambino Diapers is pleased to announce that we’ll be enhancing the comfort of our diapers with a new, cotton-like lining material that combines an extra-soft feel with increased strength and dryness! The transition to the new material will take place over the next few months as we move through our current inventory. The new soft, strong and fast-drying lining material will add extra comfort and security to the Bambino experience.

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It sounds like Bambino going to make some weary good improvements on there diapers. Should be nice to here what people think about it when it have been released .

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  1. What I’d like to see is Bambino Diapers sold in stores. Online is fine for those who don’t mind going online, but I know there are some who would much rather go to a local store and buy them off the shelf. Maybe they wouldn’t sell if they used the Bambino name. But if they were sold under the name of Total Dry Plus, or Total Dry X Plus, they would reach more people. :)

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