Confidence adult diapers

Confidence adult diapersA new sort of Adult diaper from Indonesia and they look like some nice diapers to. Wounder if it is like the picture shows that the diaper only have one tape? That is something i need to ask them about. And one other problem is that the dont seems to have any information on there website where you could order the diapers? Maybe they going to post info about that lather?

You can find other information about the product that the have on this site:

Wounder if the diaper have plastic cover or if it is a breathable diaper? I have not find any information about that on there website.

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  1. While I can’t say that I like *where* it’s made, these look like diapers worth checking out. I’d rather have my diapers made here in the USA, or in Canada.

  2. Hi. I’m Archer and I’m from Indonesia and maybe I can help you about the details. Despite what the picture suggest it have 4 tapes instead of two. And also it has a plastic cover. In terms of quality it’s sort of in the middle. Not as good as Dr.P(The best diaper in Indonesia so far). The price is reasonable in the middle of Supermarket brand diaper and Dr. P. As far as I know the diaper is only available in Indonesia possibly. South east Asia. I hope this information could help. If you want to talk please contact me.

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