My second order from

Yesterday i bought some ABDL books from and they turn out to be weary good and interesting reading. Special one off the book that i like allot and that was Flying with Baby i really love that one. The only bad thing is that you dont get any information what is going to happen when they are in London. Maybe it is another book for that? But this time i decided for this ABDL book:

  • Training Mark
  • Mummy and Me
  • From Boyfriend To BAby
  • Percy’s Punishment
  • Nappy Discipline
  • Return to the Nursery

It sounds like this can be some weary nice books that i decided to order this time.

You can also order most of the book from on the Kindle StoreMy second order from

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  1. Thank you for your comments about my book ‘Flying with Baby’. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think you mean ‘very’ – not ‘weary’. :)
    I’m busy finishing off a few stories and hope to have them available at the site very soon. Thank you for visiting & using the site.

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