Bottle up for pichuboy

Bottle up for pichuboyPichu: pichuboy

Draw by: Amiko

Source: //

pichuboy look so happy and so relax during his bottle time you can easy see that he love to sucking on his baby bottle. And way should he dont do that? Allot of cubs love to suck on there baby bottle that is one of the best thing they know and that make them relax and happy. A baby cub whit a full tummy is a happy one. do you not agree? Special when they can share this time whit there favoriteraichu. And when he is done whit his bottle he maybe going to lie down whit his plushy for a nap time. I bet he is going to be sleepy when he have empty this baby bottle.

He wear a weary cute and nice diaper in this drawing :)

You can find more drawing whit pichuboy here.

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