Resupply my storage of refill for my diaper pail

Today i decide to resupply my storage of refill for my diaper pail (Korbell Maxi) that i have. I notes that the model that i have dont seems to be on the company website any more i dont know way. One reason is that they maybe dont make it any more and that maybe mens that they stop making the refills to. So it can be a good thing to backup some extra refill so i have for some time forward. I think i going to have enough refill to cover this year of diaper use.


The Korbell Maxi is a weary good diaper pail and have allot of space for adult diapers.

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  1. I just bought some diapers as well. I bought some Abena Abriform. I bought enough to last until March, which is good. :)

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