My Baby Boy By DailyDiapers

Jake has been intentionally wetting the bed for months or more. When Mom finally catches him in the act, she spanks and diapers her overgrown baby. Now that the truth is out Jake’s life is changing as often as his diapers. His bed now crinkles when he moves, and so does his underwear!

Source for the text DailyDiapers.

This is the first time that i have read a ABDL E-book and i most say this was a awesome one. I really recommend that you should read this one if you dont have read it already. You are going to love it the only problem is that it ends to quickly. It should be nice to read more about what happen to Jake. Maybe part 2 of this book is going to be release lather.

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  1. Happy New Year! Call me old-school, but I’d prefer to hold the book flipping through paper pages. I do like the story and would love to see it in a bookstore.

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