Why do some ADBL*s Wear Diapers?

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Qwasyr Wadyb try to explain way ABDL like to wear diapers.

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One comment on “Why do some ADBL*s Wear Diapers?
  1. Jason says:

    I believe that everyone is different. ABs and DLs are different. No two AB or DL are the same. Some wear diapers (nappies) because they need to wear for medical reasons. Others like how the feel. Some are looking for the love of a daddy or a mummy. Some are somewhere in between the two extremes. I like to think I’m somewhere in between the two. I don’t need to wear diapers for medical reasons. But I also don’t need a parent figure to take care of my baby needs. I’m more like a 10 yr old who still has to wear diapers because I wet my pants, and some cases, my bed, and rarely, if ever, poop my pants.

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