Diaper Review Of Absorbency Plus

You maybe remember that i create a post for a couple of days ago about the new Absorbency Plus that XP Medical have release. Today i found a good review of this product that ADISC had link to.

So i decide that i should create a new post and link to this review so more people found out how this diaper are when it comes to Padding Size, Shape and all other things that can be good to know before you deiced to place an order on this new diaper.

Here is the link to the diaper review of Absorbency Plus that i was talking about: http://www.incontinencesupport.info/Absorbency_Plus_Briefs.html

2 thoughts on “Diaper Review Of Absorbency Plus

  1. I’d love to see this in stores. I’ve never been an online buyer, I prefer to go to a local store (in my case, in Gig Harbor, Washington.) These look like diapers worth checking out. I’ve never been a fan of disposable diapers with cloth like outer skin, I prefer my diapers to have plastic (poly) skin.

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