Not Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants

Not Ready Yet

*Tailtucks* But… I don’t wanna be put back in diapers. Those are for babies!

An amazingly cute and wonderful commission from the equally amazing wen.

Art by: wen.

Fox: Swiftfoxfire.

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Yes diaperNot Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants maybe are for babys. But only because you need to wear this thick night diapers dont mean that you are a baby because of that. Allot of boys have trouble to stay dry during the night time so you are not the only boy that still need to wear night time diapers. You are going to grow out of it sooner or lather you only need to have some more time before you can handle it.

I know how hard it can be when the only thing you wont is it be a big boy that wear your cute underwear instead of the diapers that you wear now.

4 thoughts on “Not Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants

  1. No one can hold on indefinitely, and when you sleep alot, you’re going to need to pee. And when you sleep, you don’t always want to get up to run to the bathroom. In situations like this, wearing diapers becomes a good idea. Almost required. I’m 40 yrs old and I need to wear diapers to bed.

  2. He will be happy when wear thick wet diaper in morning and beg for diaper after several days of thick diaper they will want best one become permanent thick diaper wearer

  3. I agree. I’d prefer to wear diapers. Last night, I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough, and I wet myself. Right there in bed. I remember being so pissed at myself for wetting myself, I cried to myself. And I’m not even a baby, I’m an adult.

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