Did you forget mommy?

Did you forget mommy?
Did you forget mommy?

“One day, Foxy was grumpy and sad, he didn’t want to talk to anyone!His mother had noticed and went to him and asked:
“Something wrong,sweetheart?”

Foxy just looked at her with sad eyes and asked:
“Did you forget,mommy?”

His mother replied:
“About what, honey?”

Foxy:”The most important day for me and for you!”

Foxy’s mom:”I’ll never forget the day when you were born, the most important day in my life,my little star came to this earth and I celebrate twice … your birthday and Christmas Eve season!Do you know who’s that little star that always shine in my heart?”

Foxy:”Who is the little star,mommy?”
Foxy’s mom:”You!My adorable little fox!Happy birthday!”

Fix by nelson88 and his friend Victor.

This was a weary cute and nice gift that nelson88 and his friend Victor fix for me. And a good thank to nelson88 for the cute story to.

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