Tony the bear & the pups

Tony the bear & the pups part 1
Tony the bear & the pups part 1.

One night, Tony the  bear was hired by Matt to take care of his pups!Which,  a  very gladly Tony accepted!
“One thing I ask you to do!” Matt recommended!

Tony:”You tell me and I obey!”

Matt:”Never let them  eat sweets at night, and if they do, you have my permission to punish them on their white rear  ends!”

Tony:”Don’t worry, everything will be under my control!”

A  little  later…
And as predicted by Matt, Tony caught them  with their paws  on  the  candy… infraganti!

Tony:”Look what we have here!”
Remi:”Just pretend you have not seen us and everything will be fine!Besides, Christmas is very close and we’re celebrating in advance!So don’t bother us and get lost, bear!”.

Tony the bear & the pups part 2
Tony the bear & the pups part 2.

Tony:”Well, I’ll do what I’m used to do!Your father completely gave me his permission to do this!”

Then, Tony  grabbed the twins, he removed their clothes and diapers first , then took them by the waist and carried them  to the room!But first, Tony  placed the  candy canes between their rear  ends, as part of humiliation and punishment!
Tony:”And  now the  best  part,both  of you will gonna have your asses red and sore!I love my job!”

Tony the bear & the pups part 3
Tony the bear & the pups part 3.

On this part there is not much to talk about … the pic says it all!

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source for this drawing:

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