Too full can’t get up

Too full can't get up
Too full can’t get up.

His pichu so full from Thanksgiving dinner, much like Sparks :3

Pichu: pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90.


Yes it look like pichuboy have a very full tummy right now maybe he eat to match during the Thanksgiving dinner? I hope he dont end up whit a stomach ache from all this nice and tasty food that he have eating. Maybe he should have a nap to relax from this nice dinner that allot of babys do after they have eat something. And i hope that he have a nice and comfy rest now when his tummy is loaded whit all this nice food. And we all know what all this food is going to end up in lather. Yes it going to end up in his diaper and i think it going to be a big mess when that happens.

1 thought on “Too full can’t get up

  1. I know the feeling. I ate so much food on Thursday, Thankgiving Day, that I could barely walk the next morning. I had to relieve some of that pressure by pooping in my diaper, but even that didn’t help much. I’m fine now, thank goodness.

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