Arms Up!

Arms Up!
Arms Up!.

Someone needs help changing clothes.

Cub: radix.

Draw by: WonderingWolf18.


Aww this is so cute but radix look little worry about this cloths change. Wounder way? Maybe he dont wont to stand there wearing only his diaper? But he dont need to be worry it is normal for cub to receive help when they need some new cloths. Maybe it is bed time for him now or maybe the cloths has become dirty because he has played in the sandbox that boy cubs like to do when they are outside. I remember that i like to do that when i was a kid. It can also be the case that he have eat some food and the cloths can be dirty if he have decide to play whit the food instead of eating it.

But it is hard to see when you dont see how the old cloths look like but one thin can i be sure of that he look weary cute in this pose.

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