Where’s my candy? Part 1 and 2

Where's my candy? Part 1
Where’s my candy? Part 1.

As usual, Remi and Sammy gets lots of candy from their neighbors on Halloween night!
But also as usual, Remi has been with more candy and leaving his brother Sammy with less!


Where's my candy? Part 2.
Where’s my candy? Part 2.

And as you see, Remi definitely will going to get his painful reward!
There is no escape, Remi!You’re surrounded!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.

Source: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=490584&

Yes i agree whit what Sammy have plane to do whit Remi for this. I only hope that he give Rami allot of spanking for this and maybe send out him for some trick or threat when he only wearing a diaper or maybe nothing at all so every one can see what a bad husky he have bean. That is something easy to discover special if you see his toasted but that he is going to have weary soon when Sammy is finish whit it.

naughty baby get a spanking so they learn to behave and that is no exception just because it’s Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Where’s my candy? Part 1 and 2

  1. I agree with this. Remi needs to learn to share with Sammy, so that they’re more evenly matched in the amount of candy they have. Why should one have more than the other? :)

  2. Oh this is sooo cute!And I agree with you too,Jason!Remi need to learn to share too and he will learning the red way!Naughty babies always gets spanked!

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