Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)

Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)
Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art).

Foxy is so sad because he don’t have too much halloween candy…and is in front of a house and with little tears on his eyes he said:”Can you give me some candies,please?

Draw and above story by nelson88.

This was Foxys worst Halloween in his whole life. He have bean to allot of house in his cute Pikachu costume but no one have any candy left for him. The only thing he have receive is little a little money and allot of fruits. Now is he visiting the last house on his trick and threat walk and they dont have any candy either. Then Foxy could not hold back the tears any more so he starting to cry big tears so his Pikachu costumes end up wet. The people in the house did dent know what to do about this the only thing they could think of was to call his parents and one minute lather Foxys dad come to the house and pick up his crying son and starting to walk home whit him in his arms.

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1 thought on “Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)”

  1. Poor Foxy. I know what that’s like. Perhaps he should’ve left early in the night, to get more of the candy. Money isn’t a bad thing, you need money to buy some diapers for you. But candy would be much more fun. You can eat candy.

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