Thumb sucking Pichu

Thumb sucking Pichu
Thumb sucking Pichu.

Pichu: pichuboy.

Draw by: toddlergirl.

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It look like pichuboy have a nice thumb sucking time together whit his Pikachu plushy. and it look so cute and cubblish and i hope that he have a weary good and fun time and it look like he have that. And i can understand him way should he dont have a nice and good time when he sucking on his favorite thumb and have his plushy close bay that give him loot of support. It is always nice to have something soft close bay that you can hug if you feel alone or sad over something and it can be a good support to have if you are sick to. It is weary nice and soft to spend the day in the bed together whit you plushy that you love. That is something that i do when i am sick and i bet that is something that pichu do to.

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