Baby Ashchu climbing stairs

Baby Ashchu climbing stairs
Baby Ashchu climbing stairs.

Climbing the stairs with a big diaper kinda weighs on you don’t think? ^_^;

Order: I dont know who have order this.

Draw by: pichu90

Source: //

Yes Baby Ashchu maybe have to thick diaper to learn how to climbing the stairs but at least if he fall down and landing on his butt he is going to have a soft landing whit this poofy diaper butt.

It is a weary cute view and he look so cute when he is trying to climb up for the stairs. Maybe he should sit down and rest or maybe cry so someone can come and help him up. I think that should be the best for Baby Ashchu if he decide to do that. I think he is to little and young to climb in the stairs. do you dont think so to?


6 thoughts on “Baby Ashchu climbing stairs

  1. If he should fall backwards and hit his bum, at least it shouldn’t hurt, with that padded diaper absorbing the bump.

  2. Yes a diaper can absorbing more then wet things special the thick ones. But still i think he going to cry allot if he fall backwards and hit his bum.

  3. No doubt. He’ll probably cry, not so much from hurting himself, but from not being able to be steady on his feet and falling backwards.

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