I have pre-ordered the new Fabine Exklusiv

Today i have pre-ordered the new Fabine Exklusiv. It going to be awesome and see how this new Fabine Exklusiv work. I have some package left of the old style but i always like to try some new diaper and i dont going to receive this diaper yet for many months so i maybe find some time to use some of the Fabine that i have right now. But the problem is that i have allot of other diaper that i need to use to. Some time i wish i was a bedwetter or something then it should not be a problem to wet all this diaper in a couple of months. I only hope this new diaper have a better fit around the legs i have some big problem when it comes to that whit some diaper today and the strange is it is most ABDL diaper i have that problem whit. Have they some smaller size when it comes to the medium diapers that normally should be the right for me? And the strange thing is that it seems that is only me that have this kind of problem. How can that be? I wish they could do the wing of the diaper a little wider or maybe they could do the entire diaper some cm bigger.

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  1. I’ve heard of Fabines, but I’ve never tried them. For some reason, they’re not available in stores, you have to buy online.

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