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Adult Baby Bottles and Pacifiers Survey

Adult Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

This is a new company that going to focus on some quality adult baby stuff. But they have not open yet they only collect some date.

So they have a survey right now that they should like if you could fill in that form and send them the input.

This is the company info that they have on the top of the survey:

Welcome! We are introducing a brand new adult baby pacifier and the world’s first adult baby bottle! (Images can be seen on our home page.) We need your input for two very important reasons! First, we wish to deliver plastic injection molded products that have been created to the desires of the ABDL community. The other reason is that manufacturing can be expensive if demand is not there. Therefore, we need input to deliver a product that meets expectations in regard to quality and price.

The survey can you find there: https://babied.justsurvey.me/416450be7273.

They should really like your import. And i think you should send them a input so they can make some good adult baby product.