Foxy in the diaper change machine

Foxy in the diaper change machine
Foxy in the diaper change machine.

Some time when Foxys mom dont have time to change Foxys diaper. She use the diaper change machine that she have borrow to try out if it is something that she need to have. But Foxy dont like when she use that machine every thing is kind of cold and the time is not special. When his mom change his diaper she always kiss him on the forehead and say that we soon are going to have you nice and dry or clean if the diaper is messy. And she always do allot of sweet talk during the change. But that kind of thing dont happen when she put me in this machine everything is kind of scary to be in that place.

Maybe i should destroy the machine or something but i dont know hoe i can do that. I can only hope that this is the last time that i need to get may diaper change from this machine.

A diaper change should be a special moment between the parent and the baby and when a machine is use it is not a special moment any more.

Draw by: rogeykun

3 thoughts on “Foxy in the diaper change machine

  1. Judging by the expression on Foxy’s face, he looks scared of having the machine do the work. I don’t blame him, do you? It just doesn’t seem as warm and friendly as when mum does the diaper changing.

  2. I agree. I’ve never had a machine change my diaper, and I’d sure wouldn’t want one now. Granted, it’d free up Mum’s hands for other things. But it just wouldn’t be the same as having a human do the diaper changing.

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