Good Night Everycub

Good Night Everycub
Good Night Everycub.

Husky/Leopard: SoubiGlowheart.

Draw by: SoubiGlowheart.

Source: //

Aww it really look like this husky love his teddy bear and that is good you should always give your plushy allot of loves and that means hugs and kiss. so you show him that you love him allot and car for him allot to. You have allot of time to do that when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep special when you wearing your thick night diaper. Then you dont need to get out of your cozy bed or stop hugging your plushy you can do the thing you need to do in the diaper. And you know that you wearing your night diaper so it can handle it and allot more and you know that you are going to do that in your sleep. Diapers is made to be use and when you are wearing one way not use it then like a good cub do.

Wounder if he have any cute name on his Teddy bear?

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