I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training

I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training
I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training.

Foxys mom have had some serious and imported conversation whit Foxy that is what time for him to start whit the potty training so he can wear big boys underwear some day. but this is not something that Foxy wont to here he have heard allot of story’s from other cubs at the kindergarten about how potty training work. That you need to sit on a strange thing when you need to go and that you going to have allot of wet pants and wet bet during this training. Foxys know how this feels like because he have had some diaper leaks some time and it dont feels so nice to go around whit wet pants or sleep in a wet bed. So Foxys do that match cub do in this kind of situation he lying down on the floor and start to scream out loud that he dont wont to start the potty training adn that he wont to wear and use his diaper. And he hope that he going to get his mom to understand that he dont wont this.

But Foxys mom wont to potty training Foxy sometime. So he dont going to end up in any trouble when he is older and still needs to wear diapers like when he starting to go to school children can be so mean to each other and she dont wont anything to happen to Foxy. But Foxy dont thinking about that thing right now he wont to wear and use his diaper like he have always done.

Draw by: rogeykun

3 thoughts on “I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training

  1. In a way, I don’t blame him. I’ve always preferred to wear diapers and use them than have to sit down on a toilet and use it. Yes, children can be cruel, taunting those who still wear diapers when they don’t. But sometimes parents can be selfish, they often think of themselves when they say they want their child out of diapers by a certain age.

  2. @ Wayne: Until you were 8? That’s crazy! I wouldn’t have minded wearing diapers by that time, but being breastfed? No way!

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