What did I say Sparks?

What did I say Sparks?
What did I say Sparks?

Mother told him so, and unfortunately for him no cookies (and no goggles) for a week. >_<.

Sparks: pichu90.

An art trade with spanking649 which was a follow up picture to “No pouting Sparks” ^^

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11675456/.

It look like Spark have been a weary bad Pichu to have earn a spanking like this and i hope that he learn something from this so Pikachu dont need to spank him again. And it seems like he have don something weary bad when he dont going to get to eat any cookies or wear his goggles for a week. I know this hurt allot Sparks but you need to learn to behave and be a good Pokemon and when you have learn that i dont need to spank you any more or take away your goggles. And i hope that he understands that he needs to be have so he don’t end up with a bare toasted butt again after all this is for his own good.

2 thoughts on “What did I say Sparks?

  1. Ouch! I’ve had my bum spanked a few times when I was a boy. It’s never fun. Hopefully Sparks learns to obey, unless he likes getting his bum spanked.

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