Pre sale of the new Fabine Exclusive

Now have open there pre – sale of the new Fabine Exclusive. You can order the diaper on there shop that you find here. They start they pre-sale delivery in the end of Jan 2014 so it going to be awhile before you receive your order.

Here is a little newsletter from the company that i receive yesterday about the new Fabine Exclusive.

Dear customers.

we are back from our diaper factory. and the pre – sale of the new Fabine Exclusive + in the new design starts today.

here are the pre – sale prices for the 500 cartons we give free for the pre – sale. If the 500 cartons are sold out, there will be the old prices again.

Fabine Exclusive + new Design, in a carton with 10 bags of 8 (80 diapers in Carton) for only € 99.00 Fabine Exclusive + in the new design, with 8 diapers each bag for only € 12.99. grab them before the pre – sale stock is sold out, so cheap you will not get the new

Fabine Exclusive + again.

Here is further information on the new Fabie Exclusive + in the new design.
Our Fabine Exclusive + has the following features:

1. High absorben

(After practice test on the entire area around 4l, in carrying 2.5 to 2.7 l)

2. additional wet storage

3. beautiful colorful outer film

4. new top sheet

5. better inside cuffs

6. new moisture distributor

The advantage with our diaper is, you do not need any additional deposits, saving time

and money. Frequent winding is eliminate

You will simply love it! A diaper as the world has never seen!

Your’s Buntewindel Team

Sounds like they have some really good and nice pre-sale price here so if you wont to order it for this nice price it can be good to make your order now before the price change.

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