“Tock!Tock!Tock!”Someone knocked at the door!
Grandpa Richard asked to himself: “Who is knocking at my door at this early hours of the morning?”

When Richard opened the door, Matt and the boss were standing there and said:
“We came to say hello before going to work, and we took this opportunity to see if you can make to us, a nice cup of coffee, I know that you do it very delicious,dad!”

And Richard with a big grin, said:” Both take a sit, and I’m coming right away with the cups of coffee!”

But while they were waiting, Richard still had in his possession, the youth formula invented by Matt!
Richard:”I still haven’t forgotten you, my dear formula!They will remain here, at least all day …they will be transformed into pups!Just one…no three…darn!Four drops and that’s all!”

When Matt and the boss took it the coffee, they were transformed instantly into pups!
Richard:”Awww!What we have here? Two pups that need diapers because otherwise both of you will make a big mess on the floor!”

Then, Richard took each pup under his arms and carried them to his room!There,their little butts, were cleaned, powdered and diapered too!

Richard:”All done!Now don’t make any mischief or you will gain a good spanking!Aww! They have little cute bottoms!I will bring milk,I will right back!”


But when Richard returned, he found the boss, checking his front part of the diaper!
Richard said so himself:” I have to record this on video!”

And the whole scene was recorded …
Richard:”Don’t worry, boss! Soon you will have your normal size … and your little doghood too!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.

Source: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=479709&page=1

aww what a nice drawing and i hope they have some fun time now when they are cubs again. Now can they play all day long and dont need to think about any thin else then having allot of fun.

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