Mean Cubs (Gift art)

Mean Cubs
Mean Cubs.

One day, the boss was in charge of the twins, including little Foxy!
Remi and Sammy were bored and decided to “play” with Foxy!

Remi:”Look Sammy!That Pikachu plush is good to use as a ball!”

And Sammy snatched from  Foxy’s little  paws, his Pikachu  plushie!And they began to throw it to each other!

Foxy started screaming at the top of his lungs and said:”BOOOSSSSSSS!Remi and Sammy are bothering me!”
And he began to cry!

Mean Cubs punishment
Mean Cubs punishment.

And as you will see in this second drawing, Sammy and Remi got their reward…the boss  put on them  a little itching powder inside their diapers!Lol!

This two drawings is a gift art that i have receive from nelson88 and his friend Victor.

I think Sammy and Remi get a good reward for the bad thing they have done. You should newer use trow a plushy like a boll special my Pikachu plushy that i love allot and beside he dont like when people trow him. The only place he really like is in my arms where he get allot of hugs and cuddling that he know that i like thats way he is my best friend and i love him.

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