You need to learn from a pro!

You need to learn from a pro
You need to learn from a pro.

After this incident happened and  grandpa Richard  returning  to  his  house,the boss ran to his beloved Matt and asked:
“My  poor  dear  Matt!But  don’t  worry!I have  the perfect cure for your sickness!”.

Then, the boss took Matt and laid him on the bed!He took the key and removed the padlocks placed on Matt’s chastity belt diaper, but he left the mittens placed  on his hands with  the padlock on!That way Matt can’t play with  his weenie without  the  boss’s permission!.

The  boss:”Ok  my  big  boy, it’s time  to take out all that pleasure restricted … I will help you release it!”.
Matt:”Please, boss … I’m desperate and I  can’t  use  my  paws, I’m about to explode!I’m a volcano about to erupt!”.
The  boss:”Hush  my  big  boy…enjoy  your  moment…!”.

What happened next is in your imagination!^.^.

Lineart by Victor and colors by: nelson88.


It look like Matt get some big help from the boss so i can have a very special time and it look like he like it allot. The boos really know what he is doing like the pro he is. :)

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  1. Matt need to remember different home and boss house the suffer and comfort home will break home sickness love will help Matt live better which one will Matt choose

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