An intimate conversation

An intimate conversation
An intimate conversation.

The boss had changed Matt’s  diaper!And the two were in bed, but Matt took this occasion to discuss very personal things between them …

Matt:”I want to know something, boss?”
The  boss:”And  what do you want to know, my big boy?”
Matt:”What  do you think of me?”
The  boss:”You are a beautiful puppy, including your cute  bottom, which I love!And how cute looks  your  big  rear  end with the  diaper  on!You are special for  me, you  are obedient and faithful,and so far, you have never misbehaved!”
Matt:”But… if I misbehave?”
The  boss:”You will be punished with a bare bottom spanking over  my  knees!Living  with me,means that you will be disciplined and punished if you commit any disobedience!Misbehave and disobey, are two things I can’t stand!”
Matt:”I’ll never let you down, daddy!”
The  boss:”Thanx my big boy!”
The  boss:”Tell me, hun!”
Matt:”I love you!”
The  boss:”I  love  you  too!”

And  they hugged for a long time!

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88


Matt and the boss look so happy together and Matt have a weary cute pose and a weary sweet diaper butt that make him even more cute and sweet. I hope they spend a long time in bed hugging and having more of this intimate conversation. But should it not be good if the boss wear diaper to see he dont need to go away for a potty brake? Maybe he is going to put one on lather.

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