Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!)

Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!)
Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!).

Loupy  is dressed for a wedding,he  looks  handsome  and  cute!And  everyone in the wedding  says “awww” and “cute”!

One of the guests by “accident” dropped her flower brooch, and she graciously asks Loupy if he can pick it  up  for  her!And Loupy nodded graciously!….But something happened!

When  Loupy  bent down to pick the brooch, his dress unbuttoned and his pink  diapered butt came into view of all!

Each guest said: “That’s cute”, “adorable”, “I loved what is written on  his  bottom!”,”Cute  pink  diaper!” and  “Sissy  boy!”

Loupy  was  in  silence… only his flushed cheeks, said it all!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Cub: Loupy


I can agree when something like this happen in the public is it weary embarrassing. But when it happens whit a little cute cub it make him or she even more cuter to look at. And i can agree that the bottom is weary cute so the text is on the right place for every one to see it right now.

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