Finally reached 1,000,000 views

Finally have i reached 1,000,000 views on my blog this is a big day for My ABDL life. This was not something that i thought was possible when i started my blog June 2010 on BineroFinally reached 1,000,000 views but now i am here finally :). Wounder what date is going to be when i reached 1,500,000 views or maybe 2,000,000 views that should be something. Then 19 February did i make a decision to move my blog to City NetworkFinally reached 1,000,000 views because i needed to have a shared host that could offer me some more PHP ram and that was what City NetworkFinally reached 1,000,000 views did. But during this summer i get some problem whit a plugin on my blog that i would like to use and that developed to allot of problem for me and my host. So i decide that i should like to move my blog that could offer some more support and faster responds. And that was then i found Media Temple and it is on there Grid-server i have my on blog today. But i am thinking about to upgrade to there DV Managed. But i am not sure that upgrade is going to cost but it give me more control over my server and that is something that i should like to have.

If you looking for a good shared hosted i can recommend Media Temple. Right now they offer my friends $25 in free hosting. Use this link to get started.

I would like to send a special thanks to all furry out there that have give me there permission to post there art on my blog. I bet lot of people have like to view your great work and the nice art you have order.

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  1. Great Job that say alot here how many us we have not only ABDL but other related those who are in diapers like injurys or born with hanicap who are always put down this one place where them up with dignity hats off. again

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