Tax evaders smuggled money in adult diapers

A German man has been revealed with trying to smuggle 140 000 in an adult diaper. The aim was to bring money home to Germany from Switzerland. The man is one of many that use odd smuggling methods.

The reason why many are trying to smuggle money from Switzerland to Germany to Switzerland familiar banking secrecy is being relaxed.

The previous secrecy has attracted large amounts of land from wealthy foreigners who do not want to underestimate.
Now that the rules change, many German tax evaders acted, writes Bloomberg.

– We had a 72-year-old man wearing a corset with 150 000 in said Markus Ueckert, a spokesman for Lörrach customs district, bordering Switzerland, told Bloomberg.

– On another occasion a man had taken the two incontinence diapers with almost 140 000 between them.

Written by: Caroline Englund

This text is translated from this Swedish text:

3 thoughts on “Tax evaders smuggled money in adult diapers

  1. The only way that can happen for our government stop us from toliets say can’t cut trees to make paper or it get so expensive at the water treatment plant they force everyone to wear diapers that the only way it could happen or we loose power where we can’t flush anymore.

  2. It wouldn’t bother me to have to wear diapers. But we’d still need a way to clean our penises and butts off after using our diapers.

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