Getting ready for a big day

Getting ready for a big day
Getting ready for a big day.

“Terry, are you almost ready yet?” Beth asked, knocking on Terry’s door, “the field trip is today, remember?”

Terry had the date marked on the calendar months in advance, in fact he was looking at it right now. How could he forget?

He checked his diaper’s tapes, making sure they were secure, then the slits in the seat, so it would drain into the next diaper if it got to that point.
This was a field trip to the space museum, who had time for diaper changes when there were exhibits to see, simulators to ride, and astronauts to gawk at?

He picked up another diaper, unfolding and positioning it over the first, (totally oblivious to the fact that that one was already a bit damp) and looked back up as he heard beth calling, “Be out in a sec, big sis. Just gettin a lil betterer prepared is all.” He giggled at that, and tugged the second diaper up, taping it snugly over the first.

The added bulk spread his legs a bit wider than usual, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. For him, Diapers were awesome, and multiple diapers were even more awesome. Besides, the added padding would make the bus ride there a bit less uncomfortable. He slid his shorts up his legs, having a slight bit of difficulty getting them over the bulky garment and managed to button them.

He grabbed his bookbag and waddled out into the hall, smiling up at his big sister and crinkle-wagging as he did so. Beth clapped her hands over her muzzle to stifle a sudden case of the giggles. Her little brother’s shorts only fit over his thickly padded keister thanks to an elastic waistband. Even then, the diapers still bulged out enough at the front and back that it was obvious he was wearing them, even if the three and a half inches of soft white plastic poking up above his shorts hadn’t been a dead giveaway.

He grinned a cheeky grin, completely aware of what she was laughing at and they both headed for the door, and the waiting field trip.

Draw and cub: emeritus_terciel.


This what a cute drawing and i know allot of furrys wear double some time and like it. I have only wear double diaper one time and i dont like it so match. It dont fells like it is something for me. When i wont to have a thicker diaper i prefer to use boosters instead. When i sleep whit diaper i always have boosters to be sure that my bed dont get wet.

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