Changing in a stall is hard

Changing in a stall is hard
Changing in a stall is hard.

I hope no one hears the crinkling.

Tiger: Se7enTiger.

Draw by: emeritus_terciel.


Yes i know changing in a stall is not the easiest thing that you can do. Special if the diaper is of that type that give away lots of nosies and you need to be careful to so the wet diaper not landing on the floor whit a big splashing sounds that can come from a weary wet diaper. And the diaper you wear look to be that kind of wet that can give away that kind of sand if it landing on the floor. So i hope that you hold on to your diaper so that not happen.

A thing that can be good if it is allot of other nosies around your stall that make things allot easier for you to do the change. It is not easy to discover the crinkling sounds from your diaper from all the other things they here.

I hope that things ends up good for you and that no one found out about the diapers.



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  1. I know what it’s like. It’s not easy to do. You have to make sure that there are empty stalls, that are not being used. You also have to make sure no one sees that you’re wearing a diapers.

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