Disabled person had to wait on hour for a diaper change

Agency for Health Care in Skovde (Sweden) will conduct its own supervision in cases where home care on two occasions late in helping a person with a diaper change. On two occasions it has been notified by the lex Sarah that the person had to wait up to an hour for help.

The person has personal assistance around the clock with double manning an hour every morning to help with shower and hygiene.
Home service will at some times during the day and assist in replacement of incontinence as it requires two staff to the movement.

For further reading of this article, visit Skovde Nyheter website.

This dont sound so nice and comfy. But I can understand that some times have to wait because the home care services in many cases are so overstretched. But I hope that the investigation will be into something positive so that this does not have to happen again. I can imagine that the disabled were not so very happy about this situation. Can not be so on nice to have to wait so long for a diaper change if you really need won right now.

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  1. No, it doesn’t sound very comfortable. I don’t mind waiting at least 1/2 hr for a diaper change. But 1 hr? Particularly after you’ve pooped in your diaper? That doesn’t sound very comfortable, not to mention unhealthy.

  2. You could move to my area I could help you ok share rent we could help each other see I wear them depends ok

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