A fresh diaper for my plushie

A fresh diaper for my plushie
A fresh diaper for my plushie.

Cub: babysonicthehedgehog.

Plushy: threeinone.

Draw by: TheGentileFenrir.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11386055/.

This is the cutes diaper changing picture i have seen. And i agree whit babysonicthehedgehog that even plushy`s like threeinone need to have a new fresh and clean diaper before that bedtime. So i thinking it is weary nice of him to help out and it look like he is really good on this diaper change to :). I only hope that he get the diaper on right so we dont have any leaks during the night if the plushy have a little accident in his diaper. But i think he can fix this so threeinone get the right and proper fix so we can avoid diaper leaks from a diaper that is not on right.

And i hope he remember to use some powder and maybe some rash cream before he put on the fresh diaper. We dont wont this plushy to end up whit some nasty diaper rash in the morning.

I hope they have a wonderful sleep now when they both have some fresh diaper on.

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