The Spanking Machine


When the boss was a pup, he always liked to invent things!He was very smart for his age and he used to write and invent things that came to his mind!
One day his father had told him to clean his room, because was very messy!

Little boss:”With pleasure I will, father!”

But as every pup tends to happen, what went in one ear,it went by the other!
Little boss had finished invent and build his first machine called “The all in one”, and he was testing it on himself…spanking his own bottom!

With a squeaky voice said:”Success!”

But Little boss don’t realized that his father was there and turning off the machine, said:
“You’re a naughty pup and see you’ve invented an spanking machine, and now you’ll receive a real spanking like in the yesteryears!”

And so was born the idea of ​​the machine called “The all in one”, an idea that the boss put into action in his own company!


Foxy’s mom worked at the same company like Matt, but that day she didn’t find anyone who will take care of little Foxy.

The boss:”Good morning!And look who we have here!”
Foxy’s mom:” I don’t have anyone who can take care of my son today,boss and I …!”
The boss:”Enough!No problem, I’ll take charge of him!”
Foxy’s mom:”Oh thanx goodness!Many,many thanx boss!And you Foxy, be a good little boy with the boss!”

But during the day, Foxy was making mischief on the boss’s office!
The boss:”I have something in store for you and I know you will like!”
“And what is it? And what is it?” Foxy shouted and jumped with excitement!


The boss:”I have still kept my first machine “All in one”, and is used for those disobedient cubs!This machine will be on sale too, and I’m going to make a huge profit with it!”


Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88

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