Stay Dry For Longer With KINS Doublers

Stay Dry For Longer With KINS Doublers
Stay Dry For Longer With KINS Doublers

Do you find yourself needing a little extra absorbency? If so then you are in luck! The solution comes in the form of an hour glass shaped diaper doubler that is made from six layers of thick and thirsty 100% cotton. These are designed to provide you with additional absorbency when you need it the most. Our doublers work well with any of our cloth diapers.

A doubler can be particularly beneficial during the nighttime. For even more absorbency you can try using two or more doublers at a time. As a general rule it is recommended that you have one doubler per cloth diaper.

Caring for your Doublers

Caring for your doublers is easy. All you have to do is machine wash with warm water and machine dry. Please keep in mind that you can expect your doublers to shrink approximately 1/2 inch.

So the next time you think you might need a little more absorbency try one our doublers. You could be pleasantly surprised

You can bought this KINS Doublers on Babykins. Price: from $12.00

I most say this KINS Doublers sounds like some weary good boosters that can help you to keep your bed dry when you have an accident. Wounder how this KINS Doublers should work if you put it in disposable diaper? Maybe that should work good to?

3 thoughts on “Stay Dry For Longer With KINS Doublers”

  1. Of course! Who doesn’t, who wears diapers? I’ve heard of Babykins absorbent pads. I wear diapers alot during the day. That’s when I need extra absorbency.

  2. I wish I could say that I have. I use pads alot, but I’ve never tried these. They seem like good products and since they’re reusable, they’re supposedly better for the environment.

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