You need a change little Foxy!

You need a change little Foxy!
You need a change little Foxy!

Foxy had taken a nap and some time later when he woke  up,his  mom  found him with a small tear in his eye!Foxy thought , having his diaper  all  wet,he  had gotten into big problems!


His  mommy  said:”Don’t  you  worry  my  boy…I’ll  change  you  right  now!”.

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  short  story  by nelson88.

Foxy have recently being aware that he have a wet diaper some time and he think it is a bad thing to end up whit a wet diaper after a nap. He think that maybe his mom believes that he snuggling whit his Pikachu plushy to match that he dont listening to his bladder that say he need to wake up and go potty. But Foxy have nothing to worry about his mom knows that it take time for boys before they can handle the potty. And she have no problem whit changing his diaper. She know that one day he is going to be ready to wear big boys pants. But for now she is fine whit it and beside he is so cute toddling around the house in his diaper whit his favorite Pikachu plushy close to him.

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