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I have found some new great hypnosis files from Warp My Mind that i wont to share whit you. This files requires that you have an account on Warp My Mind and that is something that you can create for free.

Here is the files i was talking to:

Sarnoga – Every Good Boy Wears Diapers

Description: Do you want to be a good boy? If you do, this file is for you.

Sarnoga – Girls Wear Diapers (happiness is a warm diaper)

Description: This file is for the girls and those who identify as girls. It is a very simple file. It should cause you girls to wear, or want to wear diapers, and wearing diapers will make you happy and give you other good feelings. It will also make the girls mindful of proper diaper hygiene. That is basically all it does for girls. There is nothing hidden or overtly sexual in this file unless you consider wearing diapers sexual. While this file is not a curse, it is designed to be addictive and have long lasting effects. It is recommended that boys do not listen to this file as it may have various and unpredictable side effects for boys. Any boy who ignores this recommendation and listens to this file does so at his own risk and should not come to me whining or asking for help if he starts thinking he is a girl or experiences other unwanted effects. FOR FEMALES ONLY.

Sarnoga – You Are A Diaper Boy

Description: You are a diaper boy. You love to masturbate in your diapers and wet in your sleep. There is a growing connection in your mind between masturbation and diapers. It continues to grow until the only way you want to masturbate or orgasm is in your diapers, until the only way you can masturbate or orgasm is in your diapers.

Sarnoga – Comfortable In Diapers

Description: This starts out with my diaper induction and goes into a fairly long file that will make the listener comfortable with every aspect of wearing and using diapers.rnrnThis is not a curse file and should be perfect for those who are a little shy of my Diaper Dependence series because of its permanence.

Sarnoga – The Diaper Does It

Description: This is a trigger file. Wearing a diaper is the trigger that will cause you to wet uncontrollably whether asleep or awake so long as you are wearing a diaper and only if you are wearing a diaper. The diaper does it. This is also a curse file. If you do not wear a diaper at least once every 10 days or nights you will begin to wet your pants or wet your bed. You will wet your pants or bed more often until you either wear a diaper again or have wet your bed or pants twenty times and then you will be free of the curse. This file will also increase your desire to wear diapers and will addict you to listening to this file.

Sarnoga – Bedwetting Bastard

Description: Finally a file for all you bedwetting bastards out there. If you are not already a bedwetting bastard there is little point in listening to this file. It is not intended to change you into a bedwetting bastard. This file is for the enjoyment of those who already are bedwetting bastards. You know who you are. You are the ones who used to piss everyone off with your bedwetting. Maybe you still do. Why would you want to listen to this? Because you know what you deserve, you know what a bedwetting bastard deserves. All you bedwetting bastards deserve to be humiliated, you crave it. Come and get it.rn

You can find more files from Sarnoga here.

I hope that you find a file that you like to listing to :)

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