Today i receive my big order

Today i receive my big order from SaveExpress that i write about early this week.  Today UPS delivered my big order in two unmarked packets and this is how it look like.


In this two packets i have follow diaper packets:

3 package of Abri from X-plus plastic version.

3 package of Tena Slip Maxi plastic version .

2 package of Abri Let Maxi.

1 package of Seni booster.

This is some nice order and i hope i going to have enough diapers now for this part of the year. I still have allot of unopened package in the repository or what i should call it. Some time it feels nice to restock so i am sure that i not run out of diapers if i get a job lather this year. Kind of hard to order from SaveExpress when you dont can be home for the delivery. So i always make sure to place my order when i am home.

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