Smack it pichu!

[topswf swf=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/1375340056.pichu90_sparksspankingselfanimation.swf’ width=’300′ height=’250′ wmode=’transparent’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’true’]

My take on the classic icon, with a slightly different angle yet and keeping cuteness at maximum :3

Looks like Sparks got away once again and isn’t telling where the cookies are! ;P

Text and drawing by: pichu90

Source: //

It look from this animation that sparky like to smack his butt allot. Maybe some one should help him so the other part of his butt get some smack to. I hope his but dont take any damage from all this smacking. But it look like he can handle it for now :). I wish you the best smack luck and hope you have a fun time.

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