Double Wetting and Diaper boy Playtime

I wet my Bambino Bellissimo diapers twice. Then I laid back and masturbated in my diaper to my favorite hypnosis file.

Text and video by thkdia321 on DPRTube.

Sound like thkdia321 have a wonderful diaper boy playtime whit his diaper like allot of boys can have when there wear diapers. And it sounds from the nosies he make that he come in his diaper. And that can be normal for some boys special when it comes to the thick wet morning diaper that you can have after wetting your diaper allot in your sleep. And if you do that i hope you wear thick diaper so you dont end up whit a diaper leak.

If you wont to download the hypnosis file you can find the file here on Warp My Mind. I get some error when i try to download it but i hope it work to download it for you. So you can have a good diaper boy playtime like this boy in the video had.