All Tied Up

All Tied Up
All Tied Up

Adult: jimmyrumshot

Draw by: yurika400


I know it can not be so match fun to be all tied up and put in a thick diaper and force to suck on a pacifier. But if the furry that have put you in this crib wont to make sure of some imported thing. Like if you going to be in the crib for a long time you need to wear something that can handle the accident that you going to have and a diaper is the best thing for that. And for the pacifier it is good to make sure you stay all quiet so no one can find out about this. But i hope for the best of you that you dont need to be all tied up like that for a long time.

1 thought on “All Tied Up”

  1. I’ve never been locked in a crib, but I have had enough accidents, both the wetting and the messing kind, to know that I need to wear some bulky diapers.

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